SEnergy has developed key program service offerings to support the changing environmental needs of the Energy Market. These services offer a blend of engineering, field services, and consulting to provide our Clients with customizable options to match their specific needs.


Living in a society of instant gratification we must be prepared to respond quickly and efficiently. Having up-to-date, accurate system information allows your business to prepare and react, making informed decisions and plans based on current data.

Our team is professionally trained in Electric Utility design and are end-users of GIS in many cases, which allows us to uncover issues, identify missing information, and make decisions faster to decrease turnaround time. Our GIS Management Service allows us to be an extension to your team, providing updates to maintain your system model through your NISC or Futura software.


Joint Use Management

SEnergy’s joint use management program provides full scope or customizable offerings that you can pair together to match your specific needs. Affordable, reliable electric service is the focus for most Utilities. The introduction of broadband design, management and attachment has been challenging to execute and maintain, and the applications are increasing daily with governmental push to expand broadband across the country. We can help you connect Texas through our program to get broadband online faster, accounted for and generating revenue for your electric utility.

Our Joint Use Management Services Include:


Battery Energy Storage Systems can have profound importance in the future of the electric grid and sustainability, but it must be planned, budgeted, and controlled to protect the infrastructure (assets and rates) of the electric utility. 

How can we help? We can manage the entire BESS process, meeting required deadlines, from start to finish from time of application to final approval or provide guidance and consulting to your team in specific areas that are critical to your specific needs.

Our BESS Services Include:


From planning to commissioning, SEnergy offers engineering and consulting services necessary for new power generation plants, as well as maintenance of existing facilities. From gas plants to wind farms to utility-scale solar, SEnergy offers modern engineering solutions tailored to work for you now and into the future. We are COMMITTED to providing reliable and efficient power generation solutions to meet our Clients’ needs.

Our Power Generation services include:


By performing infrared inspection services, we are able to measure variances in temperature and view thermal energy emitting from transformers, power lines, fuse boxes, etc. The inconsistencies in colors detected by the infrared camera enable us to determine and diagnose areas of concern that are not visible with just the human eye.

Upon completion of the inspection, SEnergy provides exact details and possible solutions to any deficiencies to the Client.

Routine infrared inspections are an invaluable, preventative measure that can aid in early detection and correction of any underlying issues that may result in a safety hazard.

SEnergy offers this service to Cooperatives, Municipals, Investor-Owned, and Industrial Power Customers. Our high-performance FLIR infrared equipment provides high-efficiency, multi-spectral dynamic imaging. With Wi-Fi connectivity, it allows us to send images and data to smart devices – enabling us to share critical information quickly.




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