Since our inception, SEnergy has experienced significant growth in both employee numbers and Client base. We have continuously expanded our service offerings while maintaining enduring relationships with our initial four Clients. Based in San Antonio and Houston regions, we offer a diverse spectrum of engineering, business consulting, project management, and field-based services.

Our Core


We are committed to creating tangible value by delivering technically precise and practical solutions that ensure reliable system performance and end-user satisfaction.

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Hard work is foundational in our economy today, but valuing and encouraging innovation in how work is accomplished is transformational in our industry today. Working Smart means leveraging tools and processes to streamline and enhance our work product, and develop consistency in outcomes for our Clients.

By taking pride in our work, even the smallest details that may go unnoticed, you will have an accomplished feeling that comes from knowing you went the extra mile for our Clients, and that you played a bigger part in the larger effort to reach the SE mission.

In our rapidly changing market and work environment, we all must be continually learning, growing, and adapting in order to succeed. Whether the opportunity for growth is in technical skills, inter-personal communication, or other professional development areas, being adaptive is a value that will benefit each of us and SE as an organization.

By effectively communicating often with co-workers and other teams, we find opportunities to provide more value to our Clients and more opportunities to improve and expand our service offerings.

Focusing on project deliverables, budgets, and schedule we can ensure a positive outcome from the Clients’ perspective. Maintaining focus on what is important and on all of our core values, you, your team, and all of us at SE will benefit in the long run. By focusing on what is important and on supporting each other, we will all win!

Serving Our Clients for Over 30 Years

Established in 1991 by O.W. Schneider, SEnergy (formerly Schneider Engineering) is a Texas-based, utility-focused consulting firm offering services that support Client’s utility systems and business operations. Our services are designed to strengthen our Clients’ engineering, operations, and business functions – all of which are critical to the ongoing success of their organizations. Our goal is to create value for Clients by delivering technically accurate and practical solutions that result in dependable system performance and reliability to end-user customers. 

Who We Serve


Electric Cooperatives
Municipally-Owned Utilities
Power Generation
Industrial /
Oil & Gas
Investor-Owned Utilities

Our Growing

Team of 100 and counting

Our culture is embedded in all aspects of our business. At SEnergy, we cultivate and support a fun and healthy work environment, appreciating and celebrating every employee as much as possible.

Lead by


Lance Pettigrew, P.E.
Chief Executive Officer
Nakee Laws, P.E.
VP Engineering Operations
Steve Moffitt
VP Energy Consulting

Power Engineering



SEnergy promotes volunteerism among our employees, encouraging a sense of purpose and community engagement. We believe in contributing to causes larger than ourselves, whether through active participation in volunteer events or generous charitable donations. We are committed to our local community and want to create a meaningful and positive influence on the lives of those around us.


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