Steve Moffitt

VP Energy Consulting

Steve is the Vice President of Business and Energy Consulting at SEnergy.  He is responsible for leading the Firm’s efforts in Energy and Financial Services, Smart Grid Planning, Energy Efficiency / Renewable Energy, and Regulatory Compliance.   He brings depth of knowledge and experience through his work with a diverse Client group, comprised of Municipally Owned Utilities, Electric Cooperatives, and Industrial Clients in the Oil and Gas sector. Steve has experience in the role of Client Company Representative, interfacing with the Board of Directors and Trustees, City Councils, and management at numerous organizations, where he has gained tremendous respect. He has been an active participant for his entire career in industry organizations such as TEC, TPPA, GCPA, and APPA.

In the Energy and Financial Services area, Steve manages the team that is responsible for the development of energy portfolios for utilities of all sizes, supporting the utilities in optimizing portfolios to manage risk and provide cost-effective energy solutions.  In addition to extensive experience in energy procurement strategies, Steve brings a tremendous depth of experience in the field of utility business consulting, leading the team in the development of financial forecasts, retail rate strategies that support system investments, maintenance, and upgrades, and utility cost of service studies to provide support for rate development.  In the field of regulatory compliance, Steve leads the team that is responsible for managing compliance and reporting requirements to state and national agencies such as NERC, TRE, ERCOT, EIA, and PUCT. 

Bio / Work Experience

Steve has over 25 years of experience in the electric utility industry with extensive work experience for a diverse group of Electric Cooperatives, Municipally Owned Utilities, and Industrial and other Retail Customers throughout the State of Texas.  Throughout his career, Steve has exhibited a high level of professionalism and a deep knowledge base to the Firm’s Clients and has proven to be highly skilled at developing deep relationships with Clients and in communicating the complexities of the energy markets and system operations in a way that Clients can understand the information and make decisions to the benefit of their utilities. 



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