Nakee Laws, P.E.

VP Engineering Operations

Nakee is a Shareholder at SEnergy and Vice President of Engineering Operations. In his role as Vice President, Nakee is responsible for all Transmission, Substation, and Distribution Engineering.

Nakee joined SEnergy after his graduation from the University of Texas at San Antonio in 1999. Nakee began his career at SEnergy as a substation design engineer. His responsibilities included the overall electrical and structural design of distribution substations and transmission switching stations, coordination of relay and control engineering, major equipment specifications, construction bidding/contracting, and overall project management.

In 2001, Nakee began working in the system planning department. His responsibilities include Milsoft WindMil database modeling and analysis, transmission load flow analysis using PowerWorld, sectionalizing studies, capacitor placement and reactive studies, motor start analysis, and voltage drop studies which include new service supply plans. In addition, Nakee is responsible for both RUS and non-RUS Construction Work Plans, Environmental Reports and Long-Range Plans. Nakee has also prepared RUS-compliant Load Forecast Studies, which include historical analysis and projections for system peak demand, consumers by rate classification, and MWh purchases and sales by rate classification.

Nakee has also project managed many distribution projects ranging in size from short line extensions to major rebuilds and voltage conversions. He was involved in ROW acquisition, TXDOT and railroad permitting, self-supporting structures and construction management. Nakee also oversees all 219 work order inspections and routinely certifies 219s as well as prepare annual certifications for CFC borrowers.

Today, Nakee oversees the daily operations of distribution engineering (overhead and underground), transmission engineering, substation engineering and system planning engineering.



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